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A serious BBC interview with a Professor Robert Kelly, an expert on Korea, has gone viral online – after his young children interrupted him speaking live on air.

The video from the BBC shows Professor Robert Kelly talking about the high-stakes geo-political situation gripping South Korea, and about North Koreas use of WMDs – when his toddler bursts into the study wondering what his father is up to.

The BBC anchor then informs Kelly that a child has entered the room, as the interview continues.

As Professor Robert Kelly attempts to push his child away, in comes an even younger child in a rolling baby stroller.

The two children are followed by a woman (who presumably is their mother?)

The kids react swiftly with each

Video: Professor Robert Kelly Skype TV Interview Interrupted by Toddlers

Professor Kelly works in the Department Political Science and Diplomacy, Pusan National University, South Korea.

Earlier, Professor Robert Kelly tweeted to his followers that he was going on air to discuss the impeachment of the South Korean President. The interview was conducted live on BBC World – the international TV network seen in hundreds of millions of homes world-wide.

Moment of shock – Toddlers in the shot – Friday night March 12 2017 on BBC World.

Hilarious video on the BBC World TV service goes viral

Kelly runs a blog on North Korea, South Korea and the geopolitics of the region. You can read it here.

His Twitter following since the incident on Live BBC TV has grown significantly, but he is yet to tweet a response. He’s probably in bed but he and kids are sure to emerge at the weekend as the internets biggest new stars!

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  1. The subject of the interview was so dire and serious until those adorable happy children enter the room. I love that so many people, including myself enjoy watching this news blooper, it gives me hope that most human beings find joy in the innocence of children.

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