Video: Old Nuke Test Films Released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Old Nuke Test Films released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

New video released of old nuke test films onto Youtube….

Some pretty insane and breathtaking video of powerful nuclear weapons tests have been released.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has saved old films from destruction and digitised the old cellular vision of nuclear bomb test by the US Government in the 1950s.

The incredible video shows atmospheric nuke tests undertaken by the US during the Cold War era.

The US conducted 210 nuclear bomb tests in our atmosphere over 20-years after the end of the Second World War, CNN reported.

During these tests thousands of films were taken by classified US government cameras. Since that era the films have been sitting in storage for decades, only recently rediscovered by staff from the LLNL, who had been hunting down the nuke test films, in order to save them and publish online.

The old nuke test films are now being used by physicists to study and design nuclear weapons, a chilling thought.


Greg Spriggs, a nuclear weapons physicist at the laboratory who’s in charge of the project, says the films were decomposing “to the point where they’ll become useless.”

The film is made of organic material and each film canister he cracked open gave off a strong odor of vinegar, he says, indicating the decomposition had already begun.

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