Sabre Norris Ellen DeGeneres Appearance – She Wins the Internet Again

Sabre Norris

Sabre Norris – Australian surfing gromet wins the internet again with Ellen DeGeneres show appearance

Is Sabre Norris Australia’s most energetic and charismatic person? She is taking her enthusiasm for surfing and food to the rest of the world, with an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles.

11-year-old Sabre Norris first appeared on Nine Network’s TODAY Show – sending Karl Stefanovic and crew into a fit of laughter and tears.

The Newcastle girl was the second youngest surfer to ever compete in a World Surf League – an open surfing event for all ages, with Nine producers setting her up for an interview for the internet ages.

Norris’ passionate love of bad food and surfing was on display again, this time with her introduction to millions on US daytime TV.

Sabre Norris on Ellen

Today Show Interview

Australia hasn’t seen someone so full of energy and passionate about her loves in life since the late great Steve Irwin.

She’s got a big future, with the US sports media paying attention.

“If you don’t have a favourite junior surfing champion yet, it’s probably just because you’re not familiar with Sabre Norris,” Fox Sport US’s Pete Blackburn said.

“This girl is a treasure.”

Sabre is fast becoming an Australian national treasure – a great ambassador for Australia in the years to come.

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